Plated Silverware

The finest silver plated household utensils from India

We are proud to present our range of silver plated tableware. We have large range of dinner, buffet dinner and service sets. These answer a real need of discerning homemakers for a graceful set of tableware for special occasions.

“DEVAL” utensils have established name for high quality and durability over last  Seventy years. Thick layer of pure silver on “DEVAL” utensils lasts for a long time even in daily use. Thick brass used as basis metal in “DEVAL” utensils gives them strength to resist deformation in daily use. Silver is the best metal for use with food. However pure solid silver is very expensive and too risky for daily use. Cost of “DEVAL” utensils is only a small fraction of similar pure solid silver articles.

“DEVAL” utensils have large variety of attractive shapes. However care is taken in these designs to avoid sharp corners and difficult to  reach nooks. This makes cleaning “DEVAL” utensils very easy. They are perfectly safe for washing in dishwasher, using a suitable detergent.

Discover delights of “DEVAL” silver-plate by ordering your set now.

About Ourselves

Our firm was started by Mr. V. M. Deval in the year 1939, as a small silver plating job shop. High quality of plating brought in more and more business. This induced us to take up manufacturing of brass utensils, that would do justice to the quality of our silver plating. With captive sheet metal shop we were able to introduce a range of attractive shapes and sizes to suite customer needs.

Our customers can choose from two types of plating finishes, namely dull and bright, and three types of borders. In addition to this there is choice between hand-beaten and plain surface. Thus, practically every article is custom made.

Our utensils are manufactures from prime quality brass sheet, by skilled and experienced craftsmen. Strict quality controls is maintained at all stages of manufacture. Silver plating gets very special attention. High purity Lead-Free silver is used as anode. Plating thickness is monitored by ampere-hour meter. To make sure, 100% cross check is made by “Weight Gain” method.